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550 light years from here is a star very much like our own, except that it has a strange habit of blinking out at irregular intervals. This erratic dimming, according to a new study, could be caused by clumps of orbiting gas and dust—the possible remnants of a planetary catastrophe. Origen: Blinking Star Appears to […]

A team of MIT scientists has created a pair of mechanisms designed to provide a fail-safe for genetically modified bacteria, with the aim of stopping them from escaping and proliferating outside their intended environment. The measure would make the engineered bacteria much safer. Origen: MIT develops “passcode” and “deadman” kill switches to keep engineered bacteria […]

If you’ve ever watched a prime time crime drama like CSI, you probably recall a scene in which a forensic analyst used a computer to troll through thousands of snippets of DNA, looking for a match between a crime scene and a suspect. Real life doesn’t happen quite like it does on television, but the […]